Glory! We made it into the new month. Congratulations! May the Lord who brought you into this 2nd half of the year and the month of July sustain and protect you in Jesus Name! Amen! Remember it’s your season of NEW SONGS. In July get ready to Sing!

Adding my thought for today I want to say that GOD is not MIGHTY…What?! That’s blasphemy! Well, He is not, I am! I am the one who is mighty, you are the one who is Mighty and even if you don’t realise it, you are! The angel called Gideon a MIGHTY man of Valour and Gideon was looking around looking for who was being addressed. Go into this 2nd half with this mentality that you are MIGHTY.

The question now would be how did I become MIGHTY? I became MIGHTY because God made me so. “Wait a minute, how can God who you said is not MIGHTY make you mighty?” I’m glad you asked. The answer therefore is because GOD IS THE ALMIGHTY. It takes the ALMIGHTY to make one MIGHTY! I’m in an amazing partnership with God, sharing rights, privileges and powers with Him that I cannot, NEVER be afraid of the devil anymore! I’m a MIGHTY Wo/Man!

Unfortunately people shortchange themselves because they listen to the devil. Listening to the devil will make an Eagle feel like a Chicken. If you don’t want to feel inferior especially when God has made you superior, never listen to the devil. (Yet again we’ll con’t 2moro on how best to listen)

Kindly share with friends.
Happy New Month!


Happy Birthday to Pst. Ada-Cosfinney Udoka. 1st lady HOTR, Asaba


About pstiyke

A preacher and Teacher of the Word of God. Married to Lisa Nnamdi And blessed with a daughter Peniel Nnamdi.
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