Good morning and Happy New week.

It might have been an unfortunate 1st half for you. Maybe you did more of crying than dancing; but I’m here to say cry no more! Because in this 2nd half God will turn your tears of sorrows into tears of Joy! God told me strongly that this is your season of NEW SONGS! As we enter the 1st week of the 2nd half, get ready to SING! Not songs of lamentation but songs of jubilation, celebration and appreciation!

“….I’ll sing unto the Lord a joyful song, I’ll praise His name for the Lord is Good!”
In this 2nd half, God will show you His GOODNESS!!!

However, there is something I need you to know if you must sing a new song. The thing is, “Do not listen to the devil!” Just like faith cometh by hearing God’s word, fear also cometh by hearing the devil’s word. Just like faith produces tremendous positive result, fear produces outrageous negative result; but the bottom line, both faith and fear are productive. It now depends on the kind of product you want.

2moro I’ll show you how best to use your ears when it comes to listening or hearing, but as for today PEACE I leave with you! Shalom and have a WOW, Wonderful and Worry-free Day.

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      Pst. Lisa, Rev. GoodHeart and Pst. Iyke (all of HOTR expression)


About pstiyke

A preacher and Teacher of the Word of God. Married to Lisa Nnamdi And blessed with a daughter Peniel Nnamdi.
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