Handling Issues

How can maturity be measured?
How do I deal with brothers in church behaving like guys in the world?

Well, two questions asked. Let’s attempt to answer:

1. Maturity does not have anything to do with age. Ageing is distinctively different from growing. A mature man therefore is a man who is constantly growing and not just ageing. You will age even if you didn’t do anything, but you must do something to grow. What am I driving at? Don’t think a man is matured because of his age rather be concerned about his growth. Is he growing emotionally, mentally, psychologically, intellectually and most importantly spiritually? If your answer is yes, then you have a man to do business with. If it’s no.

2. How do I deal with brothers in church behaving like guys in the world?

What is actually expected of the church is nonconformity to the world, but unfortunately a significant portion of the world is seen in the church. A situation where tongue-talking, supposedly spirit-filled brothers disturb sisters in church more than guys outside would. Demand for the same things guys outside would demand for, forgetting that they just spoke in tongues few hours ago. 

If you are dealing with this kind of a brother, what should be your position?

a. Don’t run away from church thinking that this is a bad church. It’s been said that when good people refuse to do good, evil prevails. Why would you stop attending services? was it guys you came to look for in the first place? Correct the young man in love and not in a private place. In a case where it’s becoming unbearable let him know that you’ll report him to the leaders or elders. Don’t forgive to be gracious in your dealing with them because church is not a place where good people gather. Church is a place where bad people come to be made good.

b. Never Cave-in.  That a man requested for something is one, that you gave the thing is another. In most cases (outside of rape) it takes two to tangle. A firm ‘NO’ is all that it takes to put a stop to it. Your yielding is suggestive of the fact that you also enjoy the disturbance.

Let me conclude by saying that nobody can play smart on God. You cannot swindle God because God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that he shall reap. A weekly runs girl who comes to church to look for a good man, will end up with a weekly runs guy who also came to church for a good girl. If you are God and you are JUST, it will not be under your watch for Mr. Wrong to successfully get Miss. Right. They will get their kind!!! (Blessings!)

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A preacher and Teacher of the Word of God. Married to Lisa Nnamdi And blessed with a daughter Peniel Nnamdi.
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